July 31, 2016



Following the success of its fashion glove line Eink Signature Entertainment was established in 2014. Creating everything from music videos, commercials, documentaries, and web videos this extension of its brand with undoubtedly mirror the success of its counter part.

Artist: Shawn Gates / Song: Mo Money Mo Everything

Artist: Essence Nicole / Song: Missing You

Artist: Vigilante / Song: Die for You

Artist: Vigilante / Song: I Can’t Breathe

Artist: Jazmine Sullivan / Song: Let it Burn / Performance: Charmagne Hunter (Wedding Music Video)

Artist: Gutta Gage / Teaser Trailer for – Song: What You Know

Simple Web Media – This video was created for the website of an Atlanta area stylist. The video is displayed upon guests entrance into the stylists site.

Artist: Lex J. Curt Chainzz ft. Tony Vincent / Song: All I Do Is Smoke